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27th March 2020 by Rowen Barbary

Team Trickett

Team Trickett



Alec and Joe Trickett have been are one of our longest standing sponsored riders, based in Telford Team Trickett are a Showjumping force to be reckoned with. Joe is competing and producing high quality showjumping horses and when Alec isn't Jumping he is a Coach (UKCC Level 3).



Which discipline are you both involved in? 

Joe: Showjumping

Alec: Showjumping and Coach (UKCC Level 3)

Where are you both based:

Joe: Telford, Shropshire

Can you both tell us at what age you started riding? 

Joe: I was 5; I had a pony for my birthday but unfortunately he died; I didn't ride again then until I was 15!

Alec:  I was 9 years old; I had a bike for Christmas whilst my sister had a pony - I ended up with them both! 

So have you  got a favourite snack? 

Both: Flapjack! 

Joe: We can't have the same.....Wine Gums! 

Whats your current top horse?

Joe: Calcourt Fergus

Alec: One Two Watch

Tell us about your goals for the future? 

Alec: To keep competing as long as I can. 

Joe: Nations Cup and Major Championships.

Have you both got any Top Tips? 

Joe: Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people and equipment that you believe in. 

Alec: Selective memory......Remember the good days and forget the bad days.

Do you have any rituals when you are out and about? 

Joe: I always put my left boot on first, it's the same with my spurs. 

Alec: If things aren't going well on the morning of a show and your rushing round simply don't go! 

One last question; whats your favourite Rowen Barbary product? 

Joe: Forage 'N' Fibre; it's a great base mix for those that don't need that extra energy.

Alec: Pro Ultra, for those that need that extra buzz. 





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